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Dooley explains his reasons for "The Wildcat"

Tennessee offensive coordinator Jim Chaney has installed “The Wildcat.”

With an inexperienced quarterback, Derek Dooley wants to limited the number of decision the quarterback has to make during the game.

Dooley explains, “Here’s what I like about it, and I like a lot of things. I think the key to the Wildcat is not making it your bread and butter. Once it becomes where you don’t know what you are on offense, it becomes a problem. But what it is good for, if it’s five to eight plays a game, first of all it’s eight less plays of a quarterback. Let’s start with that. So you’ve got 70 plays in a game, now the guy’s got 60. So you’re taking away eight plays of decision-making from him, which helps.”

“No. 2, you’re creating more work for the defense, they’re going to have to put in and work on a Wildcat package. No. 3, it gives you a chance to get some of your better skill-guys the ball in space. Those three things, it’s good. … The more you run, the better the quarterback, the less decisions he’s got to make. Then, I’m just a little old school. I just believe that’s what wins.”

The Vols open with UT-Martin in Neyland Stadium on September 4th.