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Doug Marrone: We've got to get to a bowl

Syracuse head coach Doug Marrone enters his second season as the leader of the Orange.

Marrone told the Post-Standard, “The pressure now is we have to go out and win. We’ve got to get to a bowl. We just have to get to it. We haven’t been in one in a long time. We have to do it. Once we pass that hurdle I think great things could happen.”

“We have to overcome the depth situation,” he said. “How do we do that? We’re relying on these kids (the rookies). There are some kids coming in here who are probably going to be playing core special teams or key backup roles. Depth is a critical issue.”

“How do you convince a bunch of kids that they’re winners when they haven’t won? My personal thing is you start doing the little things. You start winning these little battles, gearing up for putting them in adverse situations in practice so this way when the ball gets turned over or a team makes a great play, no one hangs his head and says here we go again. That’s a tough deal now. That’s a tough hurdle to overcome.”

Syracuse begins the season with four non-conference games including at Akron, at Washington, Maine, and Colgate.

The Orange finished 4-8 under Marrone in 2009.