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Drew Pearson's still got it

Dan McCarney recently invited former Cowboy All Pro Drew Pearson to speak to his team. Pearson nailed it.

McCarney knows how special a time in his players' lives this is and he wants them to hear that from his coaches and from others who have earned their respect. In addition to Pearson, McCarney also recently had "Mean" Joe Greene, a North Texas alum, come speak to the team as well.

In this talk, Pearson stresses that the guys need to realize what a great opportunity they have right now. A new stadium (which looks great), new facilities, a new coaching staff, renewed excitement on campus and in the community, "the future is now, don't wait take advantage of it".

Pearson also stresses how guys have got to stay out of trouble and properly represent the University. Do well in school; because years from now, when you meet people on the streets, no one is going to remember your stats; but people will immediately know whether you are educted or not; and that's important in life.

Overall a great talk. Pearson owns the room at the end talking about the new threads. Great stuff.

Many thanks to the North Texas staff for the video.

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