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Dykes explains the advantages of his staff's diversity

Sonny Dykes has managed to keep his staff completely intact the past three seasons. In those three seasons they have been able to double their win total (4-8 in 2009, and 8-5 in 2011).

Part of what Sonny Dykes really likes about his coaching staff is the diversity that they bring to the table.

We have a great mix of young guys and old guys and pessimistic guys and optimistic guys ... of fat guys and skinny guys ... of tall guys and short guys. I like that. I like having a variety of people because we want to get as many different opinions as we can.”

Another one of the areas that staff diversity and continuity has really helped the Bulldogs is in recruiting.

“In the past, we were begging people to come. Now we’re saying, ‘we want you to come, but let’s don’t tell anybody.’ I’m 42 years old and I don’t keep a very good secret. Those guys are 18 and they certainly don’t keep a very good secret. People are wanting to jump on board more than they have in the past.”