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EA Sports brings in Kevin Sumlin to check out NCAA 14

EA Sports is known for doing their homework when it comes to their NCAA Football game. A few years ago the developers added the ability to go through a dynasty as a head coach or offensive / defensive coordinator and since then the recruiting experience has undergone some major changes.

Recently, EA invited Kevin Sumlin on campus to take a look at the game and how recruiting measures up to the real life recruiting aspect, and Sumlin was very impressed with what they put together for the newest NCAA Football 2014 version due out July 9th.

"The recruiting piece is outstanding," Sumlin explained in an interview with Bleacher Report. "They now have the ability to go and scout players, recruit them and fill the needs of your program with a recruiting board that's very, very realistic. There's a rating system with the players, but you actually have the ability to go in and scout the players to make sure that he fits your program and make sure that their star value is accurate and what you think they should be. It's pretty impressive."

Sumlin says that he gave the EA developers feedback on their recruiting board structure, and how they scout and evaluate players and is impressed with how they've incorporated his input, as well as the input of other coaches from around the country.

"We've talked quite a bit and I've given feedback on recruiting boards and how you scout and evaluate. What I might see in a player that's a 3-star in a recruiting service, I may see him as a different level player in our program because of our position needs. We've talked about a lot here, and they're going to take that information and incorporate what really goes on in recruiting situations or in game situations into the product. The video game is extremely realistic."

The Aggie head coach also added that he believes the game helps players develop, saying that it helps them anticipate strategies and develop their own football IQ.

Here's a quick trailer at how EA took that recruiting input from coaches and used it in the game.