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Ed Orgeron shares how his head coaching philosophy has changed

Ed Orgeron has been in the head coaching seat before. As the head coach at Ole Miss from 2005 to 2007 (where he went 1-25 in three seasons) he developed a pretty good feel for what he did right, how to stay true to himself, and what he would do differently if he was given another go.

That opportunity has come back into coach O's lap as the interim head coach at USC earlier this week, and yesterday he held his first practice with the newly minted title. 

"I have to coach with my own style. One of the things that I learned from my previous head coaching stint is that, you know what, if I get my chance again, I have to do it the way that I want to do it, whether it's right, wrong, or indifferent."

"I think that you learn every time. You make mistakes and wish you had done this, or wish you had done that...I didn't take my shirt off today. But you know when I took my shirt off back then, people thought it wasn't too cool." Orgeron said, referring to his (now infamous) first team meeting at Ole Miss.

Orgeron is certainly putting his own stamp on things right off the bat. He's opened practices back up to the media, he left the field a bit bloodied after getting cleated on some drills with the offensive line, and then of course, there's this. 

While everyone in the profession understands what was sacrificed in order for coach O to be standing in front of the cameras as the head man yesterday, it's good to see him back in front of reporters, focused on the next few weeks (they have a bye this week) while finding a way to have fun and enjoy the experience while making sure he does things his way this time around. Below is his full interview after practice.