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Edsall channels his inner Tom Coughlin, new rules for the Terps

Before hitting the practice fields for the first time in August camp as the head coach of the Maryland Terrapins, Randy Edsall held one last press conference today.

According to DeadSpin (Why are the covering Maryland football?), Edsall made it clear that the program has some new rules.

Edsall channeled his inner Tom Coughlin, today. Some of the strict new rules include:

1. Physical punishment for being late

2. No earrings

3. No do-rags or baseball caps

4. Neatly trimmed facial hair at all times

Edsall didn’t address is apparent taste for Wiz Khalifa, but he did talk further about the new uniforms.

"I am not a name-on-the-back-of-the-jersey guy," said Edsall. “But if you want to compete, really compete in the big-time world of college football recruiting, you've got to accommodate those who are name-on-the-back guys.”