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Edsall makes decision to coach the UCONN safeties

With a ton of youth and inexperience in the secondary, Randy Edsall has made the decision to coach the safeties. Darrell Perkins, who joined the staff in the off-season after coaching the last two years at ULM, will now coach the corners instead of the entire secondary. 

Edsall made sure to point out the decision is not a reflection of Perkins. 

Edsall stated, “I had a chance to really reflect over the summer time, in terms of where we are, and what we need to do to be the best we can. I think that’s always the role of the head coach, you have to sit down and examine where you can help the team.” 

“The one thing I saw is that we were young on the outside. We were young at safety. I just came back and told the defensive coaches, and it’s no reflection upon Darrell (Perkins), but I’m going to coach the safeties. Just because of the fact that I can be of help to those guys. I thought it would be too much to place on one guy with the youth and experience we had back there. I’m just going to do it that way. Those are the things as a CEO or President as a head coach you have to take a look at your organization, and figure out how we can be the strong. Like I said, its’ no indictment on Darrell. Darrell is an outstanding coach. Looking at it, it’s just too much for one guy to handle because of the youth and inexperience.” 

You can watch Edsall's interview here.