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Edsall: "I'm not a name on the back of the jersey guy"

Back in the fall of 1961, Maryland was the first team to put names on the back of their football uniforms.

While their uniforms last season didn't have them, this fall Edsall says that the more traditional uniforms will feature players names on the back, even though he admits that he isn't a "name on the back of the jersey guy."

“To me, it’s all about the name on the front. It’s all about Maryland.” he explained.

Edsall noted that the program got a ton of exposure last season because of the Maryland "Pride" uniform that they unveiled early in the year, but this year they have gone back to more of a traditional look.

“I just think that Under Armour was innovative in terms of what we did and I think people looked at that and said 'Oh wow, all these combinations'. But now this year, we’ve gone back to a little bit more of a traditional look that we’ll have."

“One of the traditions here at Maryland, they did have the names on the backs of jerseys. So we’ll have the names on the back of the jerseys with our traditional jerseys, but with our Pride jerseys we won’t. That’ll just have Maryland and nothing on the back."

Edsall reminded the Washington Post that reaching recruits is one of their main goals when it comes to uniform changes.

“But again, the thing I thought was our players really liked them. The demographics that we’re involved with in terms of recruiting — the high school kids — they really liked them. And to me, that’s what’s most important, is the guys that we’re trying to sell to come here, to grow this program and to make it better.”