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Ellis Johnson explains why hurry-up offenses are deteriorating the game

South Carolina defensive coordinator Ellis Johnson believes that hurry-up offenses are ruining college football. Johnson made some terrific points during a radio interview with Bo Mattingly.

Johnson said, “One thing that has gotten into it that I’ve been pretty outspoken, that I really think is starting to deteriorate some of college football is the hurry up offenses. There is nothing wrong a pace and speeding up the play on the operation side. I get that.”

“But what’s happening now with the rules is that you can snap it as soon as you want to or you can sit on it for 40 seconds, and there is no in-between.”

“Canadian ball is very fast-paced, but the offense can’t sit there all day long. They have a 20 second limit. The NFL cut it out with Buffalo in the 90’s, they kind of put some cold water on it a little bit with the Colts not too many years ago. What they realized is they’re taking the game of football and turning it into soccer or lacrosse. There’s nothing wrong with those sports, but that’s not football.”

"What it's about now is who can snap the football before the other team lines up. You can’t hardly get your players on and off the field. You can’t get your signals in and out. It’s become who has the best signal system or verbiage system. “

“Frankly, I don’t know what that proves except someone has a better verbiage package. It’s not about blocking, tackling, running, route running, throwing, and so forth. It’s something the college football world needs to look at.”

“It sounds like sour grapes right now, but there is not a balanced playing field. The chalk is always in one person’s hand. That’s what has made it the most difficult in the last several years in the world of college football coaching.”

The Gamecocks will play Auburn and Clemson this season, two teams that rely heavily on an up-tempo style of offensive football. East Carolina, Kentucky, and Mississippi State all have the ability as well to speed up the tempo.