Embree making sure Buffaloes form strong practice habits

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9 of 21 new head coaches this year are first-time head coaches. Colorado head coach Jon Embree is one of them.

With Spring practice underway in Boulder, Embree admits he’s learning.

Embree explained, "You see stuff and you want to say something, but I don`t want to step on toes. I just find the right time to do it. I`m still able to coach. It`s just not as quickly as I want to or in the manner that I want to."

After Monday’s practice, Embree talked about the importance of playing physical football and having plays “to hang our hat on.”

Embree said, “There’s going to be some plays that we hang our hat on.”

As for the physical practice, he added, "Oh yeah, some guys got exposed, and that`s good because their teammates will know about them. It`s habits right now. That`s the problem right now. Habits. They want to feel sorry for themselves a little bit. More importantly, knowing how to work. We don`t know how to work yet. We`ll get it."

“We’re still up and down. We can’t get to a certain level and sustain it.”

Colorado opens at Hawaii (brick game). The Buffaloes then play Cal, Colorado State (in Denver), and at Ohio State.