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Embree set to launch proverbial "heave-ho" to several Buffaloes

There is an old saying in coaching that goes like this…”You better get them before they get you.”

In other words, coaches better get rid of the players not doing what they are supposed to do before those same players get the coaches dismissed from their jobs.

It appears Jon Embree understands that slogan quite well. The Colorado head coach admitted yesterday that’s he is getting ready to make a number of roster cuts.

According to The Brush News Tribune, Embree will do the dirty work face-to-face with the players getting the proverbial “heave-ho.”

Embree explained, "Some of them, if they can't play and they're not doing what they're supposed to be doing academically and they're not doing some other things and buying into the program, won't be here. It's just that simple. I told them when I got hired everyone has a clean slate. So this will be four months to show me they want to be a part of this. I told them it's a privilege to be a Buffalo. It's not a right.”

"So they have had since December 7 to show they want to be here. Some guys don't want to be here by body language, by how they work in the weight room, by how they work in the classroom, by how they work on the football field."

"They've been warned many times. There are no surprises. I've told everyone from Day One that everyone is year-to-year. It's like I told them, I don't ask a lot. I want effort. I want you to compete and I want you to do it on and off the field. That's basically all I ask. Be on time. I think those are pretty simple rules and for some guys, they can't do that."