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Emotional Video: As a coach, ever wonder what your family is missing?

As a coach, do you ever wonder what your family is missing when you are consumed in your job? released a video today called Inside the Private World of Urban Meyer.

You don’t want to miss the highly emotional interview with Coach Meyer’s daughter, Nicki, as she talks about the moment her father decided to retire.

Urban said, “Nicki is the one who said, ‘Dad you don’t need to do coach. You don’t have to do this.’ I was like, ‘You’re right.’”

Nicki said, “He asked me, ‘How would you feel if I retired?’ I was like ‘Why? When are you thinking about doing this?’ I was thinking in the back of my mind like ok five years. He was like, ‘2 days from now.’”

Nicki added, “I just lost it. Just so happy. Just relieved that I was going to have my dad back after these 10 years of watching him work so hard. It was like one of the best feelings I’ll ever had. I remember looking at him and saying I would support that more than anything if you could just get yourself together again and be happy. Cuz he wasn’t happy and all of us knew it. Everyone knew it.”

The interview is chilling. Take a look.