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ESPN decides on Urban Meyer's role for 2011

Your college football Saturdays in 2011 will start with Urban Meyer.

Today, ESPN is expected to announce that former Florida Gators head coach Urban Meyer will call the noon EST games that typically involve Big Ten teams.

Meyer will join play-by-play announcer Dave Pash and analyist Chris Spielman for the coverage. He will also appear live on a show called College GameDay build by the Home Depot. You may have seen the show before.

In a classic quote, ESPN senior coordinating producer Ed Placey said, “He wanted to do everything.”

Urban? Wanting to do everything?

Meyer has stated that he wants to stay away from criticism. Rather, it’s more important to analyze the game flow and situations as they happen, to present a unique picture for the audience. has not yet set an over/under on how long it will take Meyer to drop his first, “You gotta be outta your mind.”

Looking at the schedule, it appears Meyer will set for assignment in Columbus, Ohio for the Akron vs. Ohio State matchup.