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ESPN goes LIVE inside Charlie Weis' position meeting

Will Muschamp has given ESPN unprecedented access to the Florida program today. The ESPN cameras have already shown LIVE footage of DJ Durkin’s special teams meeting and just finished filming Charlie Weis’ quarterback position meeting. Later on, ESPN will be LIVE inside the Gator’s staff meeting.

This morning, Jesse Palmer asked Weis to talk about the biggest challenge of installing a new offense.

Weis said, “I think that teaching football is no different than teaching in a class. I think what you have to make sure is that you don’t give the students more than they are capable of learning. I think one of biggest errors that you can make in coaching is trying to do more than your collective group is capable of doing. “

“We predicate our whole offense on the quarterback being an extension of the coaching staff. So if the quarterback struggles on something, then we just throw it out. There is no sense having it in there if he is really not capable of doing it himself. The odds of it being successful are slim to none.”

You can watch a replay of Weis’ position meeting, right here.