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VIDEO: ESPN's in-depth coverage of LSU before the Alabama game

ESPN The Magazine went all in on coverage of November 3 LSU-Alabama game, giving readers (and viewers) and inside-out look at the LSU program.

Writer Wright Thomspon was embedded with Les Miles throughout the week of the game. His feature is quite a long one but worth your time. 

My favorite Miles anecdote comes at the beginning with Thompson at Miles' home watching football on TV during LSU's bye week. A snippet: 

As Bob Stoops rants at a ref on this rare free Saturday, Miles grins and says, "Give 'em hell, Bob!" Just before the kickoff of the Alabama game, he did frenzied circles in the kitchen, opening the freezer, drawers, looking through the pantry and bellowing in his Coach Voice: "I know there's candy around here somewhere. Where is the Halloween candy!?"

The majority of the piece focuses on just how much the Alabama game means to Miles, especially in light of January's National Championship, and how much big games like the one in question take out of Miles. A regularly cited figure throughout the feature, Alabama marked LSU's 11th game versus a top five foe since its 2007 national championship. 

ESPN The Magazine also took viewers inside three three parts of the body of LSU football.

Here's a look on the field at Tiger Stadium:

A trip inside the LSU weight room:

And, finally, a look at the LSU equipment room: