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Ever find yourself wondering when to sub? Here's some good advice...

After a heartbreaking loss to Ole Miss in week 1, where James Franklin needed every ounce out of his guys, him and his staff welcomed Austin Peay to Nashville and had a very different set of decisions to make come halftime.

With Vandy up 38-0 at the half, Franklin and his staff had to decide when the best time was to sub in some of their second string guys. It's a decision that we all come across at some point in our coaching careers (hopefully), and after the game Franklin provided some insight into his thought process behind when the right time is to get your two's some game day reps.

"To me, what I always think about in my mind is 'If something happened at this point in the game, with one of these guys, would we regret it?"

Next time you're up (or maybe even down) a bunch, that's a great question to remind yourself of what, and who is most important to your program and when to get your young guys some game reps.