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Ever wondered why Fresno State has the Green "V" on their helmets?


Have you ever wondered why a large green colored “V” dons the back of the Fresno State helmets?

During a press conference on Tuesday, head coach Pat Hill explained the meaning of the green “V.”

Hill said, “We have passionate fans in the valley. One of the things that has really helped us over the years was when we installed this 15 years ago, the green “V” on the back of the helmet.”

He added, “Representing the agricultural riches of the San Joaquin Valley, not only does our agricultural community get involved, but the CA Dairy Association and CA milk producers in the San Joaquin Valley are a big part of what we do at Fresno State as an agricultural school right there in the middle of the San Joaquin Valley. That’s why the “V” is on the helmet. It’s been with us for 15 years now.

According to Wikipedia, "The San Joaquin Valley began to form about 65 million years ago during the early Paleocene era. Broad fluctuations in the sea level caused various areas of the valley to be flooded with ocean water for the next 60 million years."

"Grapes, raisin, and to a lesser extent wine—are perhaps the valley's highest-profile product, but equally (if not more) important are cotton, nuts (especially almonds and pistachios, citrus and vegetables. Though it has been called "The food basket of the World", the San Joaquin Valley has not been nationally recognized for the diversity of its produce. Oranges, peaches, garlic, tangerines, tomatoes, kiwis, hay, alfalfa and numerous other crops have been harvested with great success."