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Every staff in the country should have this guy


Sam Silverman is a student in the industrial design program at Ohio State, and he also happens to be the man behind the graphics that have Buckeye nation buzzing.

Sam works as a graphic designer for the Ohio State athletic department and is one of the magicians behind the eye-popping graphics that the football team showcases to both recruits and fans. We've included a few examples of his work below. 


For those programs out there wondering how to find someone on campus with the creative ability to fit the needs of your program when it comes to this kind of stuff, it was as easy as sending an email to the appropriate department on campus. Silverman told that a while back, the athletic department sent an email out to the design department looking for "some help in the design area to promote the football program." Silverman responded, met with some staff members, and got to work.

It was that easy.

Before getting started on the projects, Silverman will sit and talk with director of player personnel Mark Pantoni (an integral part of Meyer's staff that he brought with him from his days at Florida), getting a few quotes or ideas to incorporate in the design. Silverman will then walk across the hall to his office to work on sketching out ideas on paper before making magic on his iMac. Pantoni's office walls are decorated with Silverman's work for visiting coaches and recruits to take note of.

During our Midwest tour stop at Ohio State, we met Sam during our tour of the Woody Hayes Athletic Center and it was clear that he has a passion for the Buckeyes and loves being plugged in to the program and selling the Ohio State brand. We're serious when we say that every program needs a guy like this on board to help out with the creative side of things. It's a great opportunity for a young, creative person on your campus to get involved and help out, building a resume of their own until they either get brought on full time by your athletic department (when they realize the value that they bring), or land a job of their own where their creative abilities are able to shine.

Not only does Silverman's work excite recruits, but it also helps to unite the Buckeye fan base and keeps football on their mind as much as possible throughout the week. This is another aspect the game that is evolving and if you don't already have a guy like this on your staff, you're really missing out.