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Examining the highest and lowest-paid Big Ten assistants

Thanks to the work of the Detroit Free-Press, we now have a database of salaries for every assistant coach in the Big Ten (except for Northwestern and Penn State, who aren't subject to open-records laws). Some of this information has been covered previously through the USA Today coaching salary database, but it's a worth another look due to raises earned and staff turnover from the conclusion of the 2012 season to now.

Before we examine the paychecks of individual coaches, let's first take a look at collective pay of entire staffs. The Big Ten's richest coaching staff resides at Ohio State, where the Buckeyes' nine assistants together command $3.416 million. Ohio State is followed by Michigan ($2.805 million), Nebraska ($2.6485 million) and Wisconsin ($2.495 million). Indiana checked in at the bottom of the list at a shade above $1.956 million. As a point of reference, Alabama's nine assistants will pull a collective $4.38 million in 2013.

Next, let's look at the 10 highest and 10 lowest-paid assistant coaches in the Big Ten.

Top 10 Big Ten Assistant Salaries
1. Greg Mattison, Michigan defensive coordinator - $750,000
2. Tim Beck, Nebraska offensive coordinator/QBs - $700,000
3. Al Borges, Michigan offensive coordinator - $600,000
Luke Fickell, Ohio State defensive coordinator/LBs - $600,000
5. Everett Withers, Ohio State assistant HC/co-DC/safeties - $580,000
6. Tom Herman, Ohio State offensive coordinator/QBs - $550,000
7. Pat Narduzzi, Michigan State assistant HC/defensive coordinator - $512,500
8. Dave Aranda, Wisconsin defensive coordinator/LBs - $480,000
Andy Ludwig, Wisconsin offensive coordinator/QBs - $480,000
10. Tim Banks, Illinois defensive coordinator/DBs - $400,000
Bill Cubit, Illinois offensive coordinator/QBs - $400,000
John Shoop, Purdue offensive coordinator/QBs - $400,000

Bottom 10 Big Ten Assistant Salaries
1. Marcus Freeman, Purdue linebackers - $120,000
Jafar Williams, Purdue running backs - $120,000
3. Mike Bellamy, Illinois wide receivers - $125,000
4. Gerad Parker, Purdue tight ends/recruiting coordinator - $130,000
5. Ben Strickland, Wisconsin cornerbacks - $140,000
6. Deland McCullough, Indiana running backs - $153,300
Brandon Shelby, Indiana cornerbacks - $153,300
8. Zach Smith, Ohio State wide receivers - $155,000
9. Greg Colby, Illinois defensive line - $180,000
A.J. Ricker, Illinois offensive line - $180,000
Al Seamonson, Illinois outside linebackers - $180,000

For what it's worth, Michigan, Michigan State and Nebraska have the league's highest minimum salaries; no Michigan assistant makes less than $205,000 and none of the 18 Michigan State and Nebraska assistants earn less than $200,000. 

All told, the average Big Ten assistant coach makes $267,640.30 per year. Check out the full database here.