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Fantasy sports are getting their very own network

Put a little note on your calendars for March 4th. That's the date that the fantasy sports junkies around the world will collectively rejoice, as the first fantasy sports network is set to launch.

If you participate in any fantasy league, regardless of your commitment to fantasy sports, you know the type of person that is going to have this network up as much as everyone else watches ESPN. FX has found a way to capitalize on the fanatical following of fantasy sports with the very popular "The League" TV series, so a TV network completely committed to fantasy sports year round seems logical.

According to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, over 33 million people played fantasy sports of some kind last year in what has become a multi-billion dollar industry, and a good portion of those people are absolute fanatics.

How the network is going to fill all their time talking about fantasy sports alone is going to be interesting to see, especially come summer when baseball is the only sport taking place.

No providers have yet been announced, but the plan is to provide viewers with love studio programming, panels, and drafts from "experts" and celebrities.

I know it certainly has a market, but an entire network dedicated to fantasy sports seems like a little overkill. Only time will tell for sure.