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Father points to 9-1 record against Michigan, his son Tressel will keep the name

Lebron coming up short will certainly be the main news in the state of Ohio on this Monday June 13, 2011. Bar managers are already expecting a better than normal “happy hour” this afternoon, as many in Cleveland will raise their glasses and give cheers to King James’ failure to win a title last night.

But there’s another story that will be coffee room talk. This one comes from The Columbus Dispatch.

Writer Jeffrey Sheban has tracked down several parents who decided to name their newborns “Tressel” back in the early 2000’s.

Sheban talked with the parents of Tressel Cochran, Tressel McCoy, Tressel Miller, Tressel Bockover, and so on. Let’s be serious, anyone known as Tressel might not be trusted as easily.

Anyone considering name changes?

Brent Huffines, father of Tressel Huffines, said, “Do I have any regrets? No. I think he got a raw deal, and she (my wife) thinks he got a raw deal. Tressel was 9-1 against Michigan, and I still respect him off the field."

There was no statement from Mr. Huffines on if Tressel had gone 5-5 against Michigan.

Another parent, Katie Bockover, said, "People are asking if she's changing her name. Absolutely not. No remorse, no regrets, no way."