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Fedora's staff has a unique way of reviewing workout effort

Larry Fedora and the staff down at UNC have a pretty unique way of reviewing their guys effort during their "Blue Dawn" winter workouts.

immediately following the workout, the nine members of the staff get together and judge each players effort with a simple thumbs up or thumbs down. 

According to the Herald-Sun If a player gets eight thumbs up, he gets to wear a blue jersey the next day. Seven positive reviews results in a white jersey, and six or fewer mean the dreaded red jersey (the color of rival NC State).

When players report to practice the next morning, their effort level is clear to everyone.

“Everybody on that team knows what you did the day before and what your commitment to the team’s goals was,” Fedora said. "Of course I’m there to point out all the guys wearing red and I have a few choice words for all of them, but I tell them if you don’t like what you’re wearing then change it.”

"You can't hide. Each and every day, you build your resume."

Yesterday, Fedora pointed out that the purpose of the colored jersey is to instill a winning culture by setting high expectations and holding players accountable. At the end of each phase of the year (spring ball, summer, fall camp and the season), each player gets a grade on their commitment level and one of the following words is put next to their name plate on their locker; compelled, committed, compliant, existent, reluctant or resistant.

Fedora wasn't kidding. You can't hide in the Tar Heel program.

“Our guys understand you have to show up consistently, you have to show up with a great attitude, you have to do it with a burning desire to be successful, you have to be willing to pay the price, and you gotta have integrity and discipline. If you do those things, if you have those things, you will be successful. There’s no doubt about it.”

Very interesting tactic. If you or your program do something similar that coaches would be able to implement and have their program benefit from, contact me at