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Feel good story of the week

Every once in a while have a story brought to our attention that deserves a little extra recognition.

The latest one is from Lackawanna College (JUCO - PA) and highlights the football team's effort to help a woman confined to a wheelchair move into her new place.

The players caught wind of Jessamyn Reinhard struggling to find a way to move all of her belongings to a new place and decided to pitch in and help out. What would have normally taken a few hours for Reinhard, the team had done in about 20 minutes.

As one player put it, “With 18 guys who can all bench press over 300 pounds, it’s really easy to move stuff and help people out.”

Head coach Mark Duda, who has been with the program for 19 seasons, noted that most of the group was comprised of offensive and defensive lineman.

"They’re all mostly offensive and defensive lineman. A 100 or 200 pound couch doesn’t mean much to them. They can do it really easily. You could tell they enjoyed it. When we were coming from the place with the pod they were asking what’s she like, what happened to her?” Duda explained.

Classy move by the players and staff at Lackawanna. Well done.