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Feel good story out of Oklahoma high school

Putnam City West high school head coach and athletic director, John Jensen and his family were recently recognized on "Ellen" for going above and beyond the call of duty.

Jensen says that between 80% to 85% of Putnam City West students receive free or reduced lunch. To combat that issue, the Jensen family started a small shelf of food for players in the helmet room. That shelf soon expanded to a well stocked pantry to help feed the entire school. 

It's always nice for us to come across a gentle reminder of the type of coaches, and their families, that go beyond the scope of their normal job description to make a difference in the greater community. The Jensen family definitely fit that description.

NOTE: At about the 30 second mark, Jensen states that during a bad season the team would suffer 3 or 4 broken bones, they had 19 this season.