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Fees for scheduling home games

A couple of notes caught our eye recently regarding the fees teams are receiving to play on the road.

This season, Tennessee has Montana, Cincinnati, Middle Tennessee and Buffalo all coming to play in Neyland Stadium. Associated price tags: $500k for Montana, $950k for Cincinnati, $750 for Middle Tennessee and $900k for Buffalo....totalling $3.1 million. 

In 2009, the Vols paid out a combined $2 million to Western Kentucky, UCLA, Ohio and Memphis. In 2010, the total was $1.45 million to UT Martin, UAB and Oregon.

In 2009, Ohio State paid Navy $1.4 million to play them at Ohio Stadium and this season they are paying Colorado $1.4 million for a home game. Last season, Auburn paid Arkansas State $1 million and this year Kent State will receive $1.2 million for playing at Alabama.

This season, Nebraska will pay a combined $1.075 million for 3 home games ($300k to Fresno State, $300k to Washington and $475k to Tennessee Chattanooga). Those numbers are well down from what the Huskers have paid in prior years (in 2010 they paid $800k to South Dakota State and in 2009 they paid a combined $2.1 million to 3 Sun Belt teams).

Other recent reportings include Georgia paying Louisiana Monroe $1.2 million for a home game in 2015.