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Ferentz: Change with the times or sink to the bottom

Kirk Ferentz's advice: Change with the times or sink to the bottom.

Ferentz, as he strongly expresses in the video, is for an early signing period. He also doesn't personally get involved with social media avenues, but his football program and coaching staff are involved. 

“I have no idea why we haven’t done it and the arguments for not doing it are just ridiculous. One of the conferences suggested it would speed up or accelerate the recruiting process. What are you kidding me? It’s not fast enough right now? It’s totally ridiculous. It’s laughable. We need an early signing period.” 

“I thoroughly enjoy from being away from technology. It’s just not my deal. I don’t like the way recruiting has evolved. I liked it a lot better in the 80’s. It was great back then. Then again, in the 80’s, we were calling kids on Christmas. Now, how stupid is that?”

“Just because I don’t like, doesn’t mean we’re not going to do it. You either change with the times or you sink to the bottom. Norm (Parker) and I aren’t exactly heading up that department (social networking).”