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Field or press box? One offensive coordinator weighs in

It's a choice that stands before every coach, no matter the position, no matter the level. Sometimes they make the decision on their own, sometimes it's made for them, but nonetheless it must be made: field or press box?

Coaches from both sides of the ball have found success in both spots, but more often than not an offensive coordinator will choose the organized atmosphere of the press box and a defensive coordinator will prefer the emotional energy of the sideline. 

Scott Loeffler, the former offensive coordinator at Temple and Auburn and now entering his first year at Virginia Tech, has done both but explained to why he prefers the press box while oddly enough making a pretty convincing argument for the sideline.

"I absolutely don’t like being on the field at all," he said. "I don’t. You can’t see. At all. You can’t see. You get caught up in the emotion rather than the actual critical thought. There is some positive to it. You can look people in the eye, which is real important, but the thing of it is, I think we’ve got really, really strong leaders that are on our staff, that we don’t have a leadership issue whatsoever. In terms of, you’ve got a head coach there and you’ve got Bud [Foster], you’ve got Grimey and you’re going to have all those other guys. I don’t know who else we’re putting on the sidelines or in the press box, but we’ll be fine.

"But there is some advantages to looking in a guy’s eyes, being able to motivate. There’s some of that that is really important. But in terms of being able to see, truly see, you can’t truly see. You’ve got a great idea, you’ve got a great understanding of what’s going on, but to see the fine detail, you catch part of it. And everything’s a little bit slower up there, which is good."

Coaches, agree or disagree? Which do you prefer?