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Find a way to make an impression with your recruits

This is one of those stories we wish we had some audio or video to add.

For the second year in a row, Mark Richt and the Georgia staff called Tray Matthews, one of their four star commitments, who was celebrating his birthday to sing him a special "Happy Birthday."

Richt called Matthew's high school coach at school, and the coach got him on the phone during lunch to sing the message.

Coach Richt said hello and started singing again. He tried to hit a real high note this time. It was so funny. I mean, he tried real hard to get that high note. And I will give him the benefit of a doubt … He did all right singing.” Matthews said, and added that Richt did the same thing last year.

Sometimes it's the little things we do as coaches that stick out to the kids that we recruit.

“It means a lot for Coach Richt to do that. They don’t do it for every recruit. It shows me how much they want me. I’m blessed to have the opportunity to have good coaches around me, and to be committed to the University of Georgia.”

Explaining that he is 100% committed to the Bulldogs, Matthews says that he still plans to take the rest of his official visits, and that only one thing will be able to pry him away from his commitment to Georgia.

“If they have coaches that are identical to Mark Richt and that whole coaching staff..and if that other place was just like Athens, Ga. But there probably aren’t any coaches or any places exactly like that.” Matthews said.

Everyone has their own unique approach to recruiting. Like we mentioned earlier, sometimes it's the little things that go the furthest with recruits, while other times it takes something a little over the top, like mailing 105 letters to a single recruit in one day, or going to their high school game via helicopter to make a lasting impression. Whatever yours is...find it, work on it, and perfect it.