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Football team helping out a flooded town

By now, you've likely heard of the terrible flooding that has been inundating parts of Pennsylvania.

Well, in Bloomsburg, PA, the river crested at just under 33 feet, breaking a record that had stood for over 100 years. Officials estimated that over 1,000 buildings were damaged in this small town. The University located on high ground away from the river did not flood; however the campus is closed until Monday as so many people in town were affected.

Head coach Danny Hale and his staff have a big game tonight against IUP, nationally televised on CBSSN and streaming live on the NCAA's website; but that hasn't been the only thing on their mind this week.

Coaches and players have been going all week into the parts of town most affected by the flooding. Ripping out carpet, pulling up soaked flooring, hauling refrigerators out to the curb, etc...the team bus has been taking them back and forth from the field house. 

An inspirational read from the Associated Press. We suspect the town will turn out in good numbers tonight to support the team.