FootballScoop reports record 1st quarter viewership

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Calendar 2013 was an absolute record year for FootballScoop with 30% growth in unique visitors over what had been a record year in 2012. Well, today I'm happy to share that the site is growing even faster in 2014...

I'm very proud to report that FootballScoop saw unique visitors to the site grow 36% in the month of March (over March 2013) and 56% for the 1st quarter (over 1Q 2013). Further, since last March, we have added over 20,000 followers on Twitter and now have over 56,000 followers on that platform.

Over these past three months we have had just under 1 million total unique visitors come to the site and have averaged about 120,000 average weekly unique visitors. Those 120,000 unique visitors visited the site nearly 500,000 times each week. 

Over the next few months we will continue to introduce new features and will introduce you to new products that we believe in and think you will benefit from. Stay tuned for a number of announcements...

We attribute our success to focusing entirely on helping the coaching profession. While we don't always take the immediate opportunity to thank everyone who sends information in to The Scoop, we certainly do appreciate it and would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every coach out there who sends us information. We simply could not do this without all of you and we sincerely thank you.

Below is a screenshot of our twitter analytics profile.