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FootballScoop reports record traffic

As the owner of FootballScoop, I wanted to take a brief moment to thank each and every one of you for your viewership. We do what we do to help the coaching profession know what is going on and to help guys further their careers. Your viewership (and the support from our great sponsors) allows us to help tens of thousands of coaches each and every day and for that we are grateful.

December viewership was the largest in the 14-year history of the website! 24% more viewers came to the website in December than in December 2012 (which had been our largest month ever). On top of that, the average visit lasted 4 minutes (25% longer than the visits in 2012). In December alone we had just under 500,000 unique visitors come to the site and on the weekdays (when our audience is strongest) we averaged nearly 100,000 visits per day. 

2013 was also a record year with total viewership growing 30 percent over 2012. In 2013, we had over 2.2 million unique visitors come to the website.

All of the figures above come from Google Analytics and are available to all current and prospective visitors and are available to all Google advertisers as well. It's always surprising when others in our profession claim growth; but 3rd party analytics shows they are actually losing viewers.

2013 was truly an excellent year for the site and our staff. The website helped thousands of guys; but we also personally helped hundreds of coaches setup interviews and land jobs and that is the most rewarding thing we do. 

Plenty of people help us do what we do; but our core staff is Doug Samuels (@CoachSamz), Zach Barnett (@Zach_Barnett) and me (@FootballScoop). The three of us are active on Twitter and enjoy using that platform (in addition to the website) to help share the full stories. Give us a follow there and hit us up anytime you have a question or need some help. 

From time to time we drive very large traffic to our servers and it seems to overwhelm them. Most of the time, if you just wait a few seconds everything loads fine; but sometimes it takes longer. We are aware of that and will be making changes in the near future; but for now we appreciate your patience during peak traffic / volume times. 

We have some really cool new things we plan to roll out in 2014 and always appreciate and value the feedback and ideas you guys send us all the time. Happy new year everyone, we hope 2014 is a great year in your lives!