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FootballScoop's next five Ultimate Recruiting Guides will be...

Earlier this week we posted the FootballScoop Ultimate Guide to Recruiting Dallas-Fort Worth, and after a healthy amount of positive feedback, we're expanding the franchise to five new cities.

If you have or currently recruit:

- South Florida

- Chicago

- New Orleans

- Atlanta

- San Diego

we want to hear from you. 

It's the same drill as last time. Where are the best places to stay? Where do you get breakfast, lunch and dinner? What high school coaches do you enjoy visiting with the most? Which college coaches do you hope to bump into on the trail? What else do you need to know to successfully recruit any of those cities?

If you have any insight, we'd love to hear from you. Reach out to us at,@zach_barnett on Twitter or at (940) 395-0496.