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Former Cane shares candid words about Randy Shannon era


Former Miami (FL) defensive back Ryan Hill shared some candid words about the Randy Shannon era with the Miami Herald. 

Hill talked mostly about the ridiculous immaturity on the team, a lack of respect of authority, and drugs. He believes that if the program is going to get back near the top of college football, then Al Golden is going to have to implement serious changes. 

Hill said, “In my early years at UM, there were guys who were freshmen who acted like adults — Jon Beason, Teraz McCray, Greg Olsen. When I was a senior last year, some sophomores and juniors acted like freshmen. Guys would do silly stuff like pulling their pants down, wearing crazy stuff.” (See photo of Jacory Harris below)

“Guys would come late to meetings. They would schedule appointments and not show up or listen to iPods in class. I was always told by academic advisors to talk to [teammates]. Some kids got worse after they got here. People were purposely doing stuff to mock Randy Shannon or do their own thing.”

“Coach Shannon tried to make sure guys went to class and presented themselves well. But as soon as he turned his back, they would do what they wanted.”

In Hill’s eyes, there was a another problem that existed as well.

“Coach Shannon put fear in guys not to do pot during the season. But I know there were a couple guys that beat the system. Nobody got caught. Now coach Golden has a problem on his hands, and he has to figure out how to handle it.

Hill, a defensive back out of Tallahassee, played in 49 career games, starting 18.

Shannon led Miami (FL) to a 28-22 record in his four years as head coach. The Hurricanes were 16-16 in ACC games. After losing to South Florida in the final game of the 2010 season, Shannon was relieved of his duties as head coach.