Franklin: If you're tired, you're not tapping out on special teams

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James Franklin and his staff have really put an emphasis on special teams personnel.

Franklin explained after practice yesterday that special teams is truly number one at Vandy and you'll never see a Commodore tapping out of his special teams role. If a player gets tired, he's going to come off the field on offense or defense.

"Our philosophy around here is special teams is number one. So if you get fatigued, you come off on offense or defense."

"We-fense, what we call our special teams, is the most important thing that we do. It's when we come together as a whole team. So if you get tired and need to tap out, you tap out on defense, not on special teams."

Then Franklin tells the reporter who had posed the original question about taking a player off of special teams to get him some rest, "Coach Bankins would not be happy with you, and your philosophy. You're one of those guys who talk a good game, but put a lot more emphasis on offense and defense."

Then, just to make sure his point is clear, Franklin reiterates his seriousness with a stare down and tells him, "It's a third of the game. It's important."