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Franklin: Staying current was focus of uniforms

The Vandy faithful gathered for the big uniform unveiling last night and, as you can see in today's video of the day, the crowd loved the new look.

James Franklin met with the media after the event and explained that their focus when designing the uniform was to stay current with the community, current players, and recruits.

Staying current included adding in some subtle changes like the material that the jerseys are made out of, the addition of the anchor, and "Anchor Down" across the back of the neck, and creating some flexibility in the uniform choices on Saturdays with the addition of the white helmets.

Franklin also points out that while many other programs bring in a third party to help design the uniforms, Vandy's were designed in house starting with director of football operations Mike Hazel, and head equipment manager Luke Wyatt who then bounced ideas off of Franklin and the rest of the staff.