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Franklin: 'We've had signature wins here from day 1'

James Franklin took the podium after their 31-27 win over Georgia and, understandably, got a little emotional.

His emotion didn't come because of their first win over a ranked opponent since 1982. He attributed being choked up to the perseverance of his team and the Nashville community. 

However, don't call the win over Georgia a "signature win". 

"We've had signature wins from day 1. When you come in and take over a program that won 4 games in two years, UConn was a signature win, Presbyterian was a signature win, I can go on and on." he explained later in the presser.

"We've never bought into that. we just believe that if you keep working hard and you keep a great attitude Sunday through Saturday will start to take care of themselves, but we don't look at it like that."

Winning one game a week is what Franklin and his staff focus on, so winning one game a week makes every win significant for the program, and the Vandy community.