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Plea to football coaches: Tweet like The Mayor

I have a confession to make. 

I've cheated on you, college football. I have a new favorite coach, and it's Iowa State basketball coach Fred Hoiberg.

With two NBA ready guards, his Cyclones one of the few college basketball teams that actually tries to put the ball in the basket in the first 34 seconds of the shot clock. They're my favorite team left in the NCAA Tournament to watch, so that's part of it.

But a large part of my growing admiration for Hoiberg is the way he carries himself. More specifically, it's the way he operates his Twitter account. With every @ISUMayor32 tweet that pops in my feed, I wish more and more that football coaches would tweet like him.

Hoiberg doesn't tweet that often - only eight original tweets this month - but every time he does tweet, he has something to say.

Hoiberg most often tweets about his family....

Drops in some humor...

Or a combination of the two, like this tweet on Oscar night...

...or he can go heartfelt.

Hoiberg supplements that with the rah-rah stuff you'd expect from a college coach - thanking the fans, well-wishing the other teams on campus and congratulating players for success in the classroom. But check out the retweets each of the above tweets garnered. His message is clearly getting through to people. 

Compare that, though, with what all too often is the one-note Twitter strategy of many college football coaches:

"Great practice today! We got better out there!! #GoState"

"Go luck to the Lady Bulldogs basketball team tonight! #Woof"

It's almost like some athletics department personnel downloaded an auto-tweet app that alternates between the same five messages every day. There's nothing wrong with those types of tweets on their own, but they lack the personality and authenticity that Hoiberg gives his nearly 45,000 followers. 

If you want to win me back, college football coaches - and believe me, I want you to, basketball coaches are strange - I ask but one simple favor: be more like The Mayor.