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Freeze's recruiting pitch

It's no secret that Hugh Freeze uses the fact that he was "The Blindside's" Michael Oher's real life coach while he's out on the recruiting trail, but an interesting article with the Atlanta Journal Constitution got some insight into just how it's used.

“It’s going to get discussed.” Freeze told the paper. If the recruit doesn't bring it up, Freeze won't be shy about it. 

"No doubt, it helps. It’s an instant icebreaker for our assistant coaches or me, particularly for kids who have not heard of Hugh Freeze outside of the states of Mississippi, Tennessee or Arkansas, the places I have coached."

“I think everyone has at least knowledge, if not seen the movie ‘The Blindside,’ the story of Michael Oher, which is a great introduction to who we are and how we want to go about treating your young son if he joins us. I definitely think it’s something we should use in recruiting.”

Asked if he carries around copies of the DVD around with him during visits, Freeze responded "I haven’t done that. But Michael Oher did an interview not too long ago, which he gave me an enormous amount of praise about our relationship and how he thinks I will do at Ole Miss. We’re certainly going to have that with us."

Along with locking up the top recruits in the state of Mississippi, Freeze aims to dip into Georgia as well for top talent. He added that him and his staff firmly believe that if your a recruit that can have success at Georgia, then you can have success at Ole Miss as well, and vice versa.

The head coach also explains his belief behind the three things recruits should choose a college based on. First on that list is the chance for academic success, followed by their chances for athletic success. "As far as athletic opportunities, there’s no greater place in the SEC right now to have a better chance to impact than ours right now. But I think the No. 3 thing they should consider that really makes you the best at items 1-2, is choose the right environment for you. The reality is, we’re probably not going to be the right fit for everybody, and they’re probably not going to be the right fit for us. I really believe strongly in getting the right fit for your core values, who you are, and the philosophy to which your program is going to build on

"I think the environment that we are going to create will attract a certain type of kid. That, combined with an athletic opportunity to compete early, be a trendsetter and trailblazer, and help us do something special here...hopefully will attract some of those Georgia kids to come with us.”