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Fresno State focused on tempo

New Fresno State offensive coordinator Dave Schramm was not impressed with their latest scrimmage and afterwards challenged the pride of the offensive group.

"You can't come out and play this game if you're not sure you want to. If you don't want to, don't. We'll find 11 guys that want to play. And this game, it's a team game, so every guy has got to do their job on every single play." he said.

Looking back on the scrimmage, Schramm noted it was a different guy on each play that wasn't focused because of the new tempo and less than perfect conditions.

"The thing that we've got to come out of spring ball understanding is that we can stress people with our tempo. We have to know how to get lined up, we have to understand what our assignment is, we have to get lined up in the right spot, we have to know the snap count and we've got to go." he explained.

"It's just new to them. They get tired and they get gassed, and all of a sudden the brain slows down a little bit. But it's good. Our defense is doing a nice job, and we're making some plays at times."