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Friday Coaches Quick Hits

Some interesting quotes from around the country:

Former LSU athletic director Skip Bertman admits Tigers were close to hiring Butch Davis: "Nick (Saban) had told me before Christmas he was leaving. And I had started looking before that. So I called Butch Davis, spoke to him myself not long before Christmas. He had just been fired by the Browns. I knew him personally. I remember finally reaching him at his home. He said, 'I'd love to coach LSU, but I promised my wife I wouldn't take a job for at least a year.'"

"It was too bad. I would've taken Butch in a heartbeat."

Interesting quote from Colorado State head coach Steve Fairchild: "What I'd like to think is when I come to work every day, my job's on the line, and I've got to work accordingly. I'd like to think the person down the hall is doing the same thing; he's working like his job's on the line, like we've got to get football to succeed.”

"When you get that type of culture, you've got a chance. Without it, you have no chance."

Gary Patterson on stopping the Rogders brothers at Oregon State: “Number one we’ve had a lot of time to do. One of the ways is your offense stays on the field. We have to play great gap control defense and be able to run the ball.”

Quoting Ralph Friedgen: "Probably the biggest complaint or criticism of me [in the past] is that I push them too hard. I only know one way. I have done it that way for 40 years now."

Kyle Whittingham talks about calling back-to-back ‘Freeze the Kicker’ timeouts: “It was might fault. Worked the first time, probably shouldn’t have called it the second time.”

Quoting Navy head coach Ken Niumatololo: “I think this year we’ve gotten some recognized that we haven’t gotten in the past. Hopefully, we can handle it. Hopefully, it doesn’t change who we are and our identity.”

“The administration has been very supportive. Our AD has been very supportive. The continuity on our staff, a lot of us have been together, so we know what kind of kid will survive in this environment.”

Brian Kelly on whether he would watch football on Thursday night: “It's either that or The Food Channel.”