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Friday evening Coaches Quick Hits

Some interesting quotes from around the country:

Tommy Tuberville wants fans to wear red: "We really want to show a presence of red. We are the Red Raiders and we want to make an example when we're on national television two of the first three weeks. A lot of people will see us and we want everybody to go out and buy a red shirt, jacket or a red hat. We want everyone to come into the stadium and look as a unit of one.”

Brian Kelly puts backups through scrimmage: "Today we scrimmaged with very few reps for the starters. We went with what we consider our key backups today - guys that are going to have to fill in at some time in a starting role, that are gong to be called upon at some time during the season to step up and play a very, very important role. That was today's scrimmage. That was about our key backups getting in there so when we call on them - Next Man In - they're ready to go."

Michigan State defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi pleased: "Coach Dantonio today asked about the defense. 'Defensive end, how are we? Can we go out there and line up today? Defensive back, how are we? Linebacker?' He went through every position and at every position right now we are solid."

"You know, as a football coach, you don't really know how solid you are until game day. That's the test. It's like when you were in school and you were ready for that Spanish test. But until that paper was in front of you and you had to answer that question, you didn't know how good you were."

Derek Dooley concerned about mental errors: "We've really got to work on our ability to focus. There were a lot of mistakes out there, mental errors, and I think it's just part of maturing as a player. There are a lot of reasons for mental errors -- either you don't listen in the meetings or you don't take notes or you don't work extra hours to study what you do or you can't focus when you get here. I told these guys it's not a dumb man's game. You have to be able to be intelligent and play the game the way it's supposed to be played. We've got to do a better job of that."

Harbaugh believe in Stanford running backs: "Nothing is ever concrete. It's based on how people are playing and what their health is. At running back, Jeremy Stewart, Stepfan Taylor, Tyler Gaffney and Usua Amanam are playing extremely well. We are not going to lose games because of our running backs. We feel good about that position."

“Our team is developing a little bit of saltiness, a little bit of nastiness, which is good.” 

Quoting 72-year old Miami (OH) offensive coordinator Morris Watts: “When I was the offensive coordinator at LSU, Coach Haywood was the running backs coach. We developed a real bond, and when he became the head coach here and asked me to come and join the program, I was excited.”

“This will be my 48th year coaching. As I got up there in the years in coaching, one of the things I enjoyed the most about it was that no matter if I was tired toward the end of the season, if we lost on a Saturday, by the time the kids showed up on Monday or Sunday to practice, they had me fired up and ready to go again.”

UCLA offensive coordinator Norm Chow talks about “The Pistol” formation: “We obviously haven't adopted it totally. But the parts that we do, we like. Hopefully it will allow us to run the ball better.”

Quoting Pitt head coach Dave Wannstedt: "Every one of our defensive ends at Miami and Dallas, they were all guys that were converted linebackers. Our defensive tackles were converted defensive ends. Our outside linebackers were strong safeties. There is a science to this madness."

Ralph Friedgen breaks down the Navy offense: “To them, four yards and they are on schedule. Three yards and they are on schedule because they are going to go for it on fourth down. That’s the problem. What happens is you keep packing it in to stop the three yards and they open it up for a big one.”

“What happens is people get impatient and they get a bad play and all the sudden they are punting and don’t see the field for another 10 minutes. If they could use the fullback for four yards the whole game, that is what they would do. They would hand the ball off for four yards the whole game and think it was a great game plan. If I did that, they would boo me out of the stadium.”

Quoting LSU offensive coordinator Gary Crowton: "I'm pretty optimistic about the front right now with the line.”