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Friday morning Coaches Quick Hits

Some interesting quotes from around the country:

Mark Richts says OC Mike Bobo will call the game from the sidelines: “I think he wanted to be able to look them in the eye and see how he was doing. You could learn a lot by looking in guy’s eyes about where he’s at mentally. You may not necessarily want to pull a guy if he’s struggling. But you want to know that he’s struggling so you don’t put too much on him. You might run some plays that might take some pressure off him.”

Top running back recruit Malcolm Brown applauds Major Applewhite after committing to Texas: “Recruiting was stressful and it got overwhelming at times, but I never felt pressure from Coach Applewhite or any of the other Texas coaches. It was just tough to make a decision because both schools (Bama & Texas) are great and have football programs with a lot of tradition.”

Kiffin likes idea of 2 or 3 tailbacks: “Ideally you’d like to be more of a two-tailback team because of the wear and tear of a season, and you’d like to find two guys who are different in styles. But you never know. It could be one, it could be three.”

Jimbo Fisher gives day off for QB’s arms: "The arm is different. You can get a chronic sore arm, boy. And if you get it, you can ruin a guy for a season. I've seen that happen. And then a guy can just have it all year."

Paul Johnson like a Thursday cigar: “During the regular seasons on Thursdays I’ll walk down to the practice field a little early and have a cigar; if we have a winning streak going I’ll keep the brand the same. Otherwise I’ll change it around a bit.”

Tim Beckman stressed Toledo is young: “Well, we’re very, very young. We’ve got 11 guys that are listed #1 (depth chart) that have only been with us for a year and a half, since I got here. That’s one thing – we’ve gotta grow up fast, especially when you play somebody like Arizona and then go and play at Athens, playing the defending East champs. So I see us getting better, both on offense and defense, and on special teams, and I think it’s through getting some players in here and getting some competition each and every day.”

Tennessee Vols player Nick reveiz talks about strength coach Bennie Wylie: “This is definitely, in the five years I’ve been here, the hardest offseason I’ve gone through, and I feel like the best offseason. Coach Wylie does a great job. He knows when to really pour it on, but then he also knows when to pull it back.”