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Friday morning Coaches Quick Hits

Some interesting quotes from around the country:

Florida DL coach Dan McCarney talks about USF quarterback: “Obviously one of the most talented quarterbacks in college football, and that’s no exaggeration. I was there when we recruited BJ Daniels. We thought at the time we got an unbelievable steal, that he could go anywhere in the country and have a chance to be successful. It sure played out that way. He’s one of the most elusive running backs as a quarterback in the country.”

Chizik on the cowbells: "It doesn't matter. When you can't hear, you can't hear."

Steve Sarkisian on Reggie Bush issue: "I'm disappointed about the whole situation. Whatever Reggie did, he did. Make up your mind. Are you going to punish the team or are you going to punish the kid? Which is it?"

Saban talks about Boise State: "It's the full body of work. It's not just that you can beat one team, but if you have to beat six or seven other teams and have to play with consistency to do it, I think that goes a long way in saying a lot about what kind of football team that you have. And that's no disrespect that you have, because they may certainly be able to do the same thing if they were put in that circumstance."

(After beating VA Tech last year) "(We beat) six other teams that were the caliber of Virginia Tech, or maybe better. And maybe more than that if you throw in Texas and Florida in the SEC Championship Game.

Spurrier once advised Mark Richt: "We were at the Heisman banquet the year their quarterback (Chris Weinke) won it. So anyway, he was in position to be interviewed for a head coaching job and I think Georgia was coming open and either North Carolina or Virginia, some school in the ACC, was coming open, too.

"So I advised him to take the one in the ACC, but he took the one in Georgia."

Arizona QB Nick Foles talks about quarterbacks coach Frank Scelfo: "I couldn't ask for a better quarterbacks coach. I respect Frank as much as you can respect a person."

Joe Paterno say a win in Tuscaloosa would be a ‘miracle’ : "One of the advantages of playing a team as good as Alabama early in the year is that we'll learn from it. I don't know how we're going to handle it. I hope we go down there and we realize it's one of those opportunities you only get so many of in a college career, so go down and enjoy it.

"Understand, you're playing against one of the best college teams we've ever played against. But just do what you can do, do it as well as you can do it, and try to learn. I think we will learn from it. Now, that doesn't mean a miracle's going to happen. But we'll be a better team for having played the game."

Wyoming head coach Dave Christensen: “Scheme-wise, we’ve got to do a better job. Our emphasis is we’ve got to get some more downhill plays and try to do things that at least create positive yards -- for one yard or more, no negative-yard plays.”

Leavitt a new Dad, missing football: "I'm a new dad. Sophia Alexis is 8 weeks old, and she's adorable. She's teaching me a lot of stuff, and it's been a lot of fun."

"I didn't know how tough it would be, but it was tough. It was hard. I watched a little bit of South Florida, and then I turned it off. It was kind of hard to watch, you miss it so much."