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Friday morning Coaches Quick Hits

Tim Brewster talks Minnesota money: "(We are) spending enough money on football for me to win football games."

"We need to spend more money on football and basketball. That's a fact. I've talked at length to [athletic director Joel Maturi] about what we need to do to help take our football program forward. He understands we need to put more money into the football program. ... If we want to have championship success, we've got to get more involved with helping the football program."

Dan Mullen says he would call same 4 plays on GL against LSU last year: "I watched it over and over and over again. I guess because it didn't work I would second-guess myself, but if you put me in the exact situation, I would have called the same exact four plays with how that game was going at that point."

Pete Carroll wants Seahawks to be energetic & emotional: "We're really letting our guys know that we want them to be energetic, to be emotional about the way we bring our game to game day. I want them to feed off one another and to do that they have to let it out, and there's nothing wrong with that."

Lane Kiffin unhappy with Trojans preparation for Minnesota: “We've got a long ways to go. They need to understand that this is a very serious game and not take this opponent lightly because of what happened last week [when Minnesota lost, 41-38, to South Dakota], which doesn't mean anything Saturday."

"Our standards are so high because we are at 'SC and because we have high standards in general, coaches and players. I think everyone, including ourselves, forgets that it is our first year. We expect our players to have picked up three new systems. There's only one coach here from last year out of all the 10 coaches. We do sometimes forget that because we expect our guys to play great and never make mistakes in our new schemes."

Quoting Purdue head coach Danny Hope: “I'm not concerned with the statistics right now. We have great promise as a team, but we've got to make it happen. We're a work in progress, but we've got something to work with.”

Ruffin McNeill says ECU defensive improvement is coming: “It’s going to happen. With nine new starters, you can’t rush experience. There’s no substitute for it. You can’t make it up. You can put them in as many game situations as you can, but the reality of it is they have to go through it actually in a game, and the group has. And each week, they’ll get better.” 

WVU OC Jeff Mullen describes Maryland defense: “They use two different styles. They play a gap controlled 4-man front and a zone pressure odd front. We just know they are a big, strong, fast, and physical…so we are going to have our hands full. I think change of speeds is important. We’ll still be a team that plays with and without tempo.” 

(on criticisim) “I’ve learned something after being here three years. It don’t matter what you do, something is getting criticized. That much I know. Win, lose or draw. I don’t mean that in a negative way. In response to the criticism of the offensive line, something needs criticized. I’m going to get it; I’m OK with it. I wish it was more me than our players. It bothers me when our players get it because they’re college kids and more goes on than the eye sees.”

“Last year the same group led the Big East in rushing, had a 1,500-yard back, gave up the league low in sacks. This year Noel Devine has gone over 100 twice. We lead the league in offensive passing.”

Quoting Rick Neuheisel: "I think the most important thing for us is to realize that we are only two games into a 12-game schedule. While we are discouraged being 0-2, we can fix it as early as this week.”

"To fix it, you have to stack great practices together to have the freedom to play at your highest level on Saturdays and not worry if you are going to play at your highest level."