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Friedgen on money and staff, Pelini on BCS, Azzanni's suggestion paying off for Gators

Ralph Friedgen says “My staff has not gotten a raise in a while” : “Obviously, the more money you have, I think it does make an impact. I know I am pretty frugal at things. I don’t want to waste money.”

“Obviously, we’d all like to have more money. My staff has not gotten a raise in a while … That’s why I am hoping to do well so I can get a bonus this year, so I can give it to my staff. Otherwise, I don’t think it is going to be long before I start losing some of them.”

Bo Pelini on if a 1-loss Nebraska team should play in the national championship game: "That's not for me to decide. I don't even go there. I don't even think about all those things. We take care of those things. Whatever happens, happens." 

(on if he favored moving to the Big Ten) “That decision went well beyond sports. I didn’t really pay attention to it. No (I didn’t care). I’m going to play twelve. What’s the difference in which twelve we play. I said, ‘Whatever you guys think.’”

Florida wide receivers coach Zach Azzanni suggested the change to more up-tempo style, which has helped Gators: “That’s just my background. That’s the world I’ve lived in for the last eight years of my career. I just put it out there on the table and every week we’ve been a little more, a little more. Those guys have been great. We’re not running any new plays or anything, it’s all the same thing, it’s just how we’re doing it. Just to get a spark in the offense. I can’t say enough for coach Meyerand coachAddazio for believing in me and letting me put that out on the table and saying, ‘Hey, I think this will help us and spark this offense a little bit.’ I can’t say enough for those guys trusting me and letting me help out and get this thing rolling.”

“Our O-line has been really great about it because they’re the guys who had to buy in. The little skinny guys on the outside can run all day, it’s the big boys that had to buy in – they’ve been great.”

Note: Urban Meyer credited Azzanni for the suggestion and change following Florida's 34-31 win over UGA. Azzanni, who was the wide receivers coach at Central Michigan last season, won the 2009 FootballScoop Wide Receivers Coach of the Year award.

Kansas running back Angus Quigley stands up for Turner Gill: "Everybody wants to blame coach Gill, but it's kind of hard coming in and there are a lot of guys that played under Mangino and have been here. Do you fully buy in? It's hard to tell. And we're really thin. It is what it is. You look at our depth chart and we're really thin."

"People in the media want to sometimes point the finger at coach Gill. But, hey, when you look into it, it's not coach Gill. I think guys trust coach Gill. There's just something that goes on from practice to the game, which he really can't control."

Mike Gundy says we can't police them all, talks about the knucklehead: “The knucklehead who doesn’t know what he’s doing will weed himself out, he won’t make it. We’ve had a bunch of them continue to do the wrong thing and they end up weeding themselves out.”