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Friedgen working to build Terps' confidence

Ralph Friedgen is concerned about the Terps’ confidence level. In a team meeting last night, Friedgen stressed how close the gap is from 1st place to 6th place in the ACC Atlantic Division. 

During this camp, Friedgen has decided to scale back the hitting and has also decided to spend more time in the locker room with the players.

Here’s part of Friedgen’s quotes from Maryland media day:

"You're 2-10 and like I said before, not a day goes by that I don't think about that. The biggest problem that we have to get with our players is getting them the confidence to be able to win. I set our goals for them last night and the first goal was to beat the next opponent and to just focus on that. I told them that we were picked last in the Division and when you look at the Atlantic Division, Florida State was picked first. I think everybody will admit that we had a pretty good chance to beat Florida State last year. We lost in the last 30 seconds on a long drive. The second-place team was Clemson, who we did beat. Third-place team was Boston College, who we lost to by two. Fourth-place team was N.C. State. We lost that one by seven and we had a touchdown called back and we missed a couple of touchdowns. The fifth-place team was Wake Forest. We lost by ten, but we fell behind early and came back.”

"There's not that big a gap between first place and sixth and that's what I have to convince my players of. They put the work in, they made the preparations, now we have to punch through. I told them last night that there comes that point in every game and maybe sometimes in practice where it's a matter of will. You have to want something so bad that you're willing to sacrifice to go and get it. To me, I think we've got to talk about this, we've got to convince them. I think once we do that, you'll see this team grow in confidence and I believe the ability is there. They just have to believe.”

“I've made some changes that I don't know if you'll notice. This camp is a little bit different than camps in the past. I'm going to try and really look at how much hitting we do. It's imperative that we stay healthy, especially on our offensive line. There's a fine line between getting them ready to play and getting them injured, so that's one of things I'll really be in tune to.”

"I'm going to probably spend a lot more time with our players in the locker room. I have a lot of belief in our coaching staff. They've done a tremendous job preparing for this season. As for the players, this is the first time in 10 years everybody's passed the conditioning test, so there are a lot of good signs around for us."