Not all coaching jobs are created equal.

Maryland athletic director Kevin Anderson sat down with Sports Business Journal and had this to say on coaches that interview for a job they may view to be a little less equal than others, “I need self-motivators. We’re resource-challenged. But I don’t want anybody hiding behind that, saying, ‘We don’t have the resources to do it.’ If we interview, and that’s something they would say, I’m not the person to work for.”

As hard as it may be to believe, Maryland was one of those programs that didn’t have the resources of the schools it competed against. Things were so bad in College Park, the Terrapins resorted to dropping sports entirely.

Hence, last fall’s shocking news that the Terps would be bolting the ACC for the Big Ten. “If you don’t think global, you’re not going to be competitive. One of the things that the Big Ten Network gives us is that we’re global now, where we weren’t before.”

So now that any coach interviewing with Anderson for a job at Maryland won’t have to worry about what not to say regarding a possible lack of resources, he can take one more piece of advice from the top Terp. When you reach that top rung on the ladder, don’t forget to look out for the people still climbing. “If they call me, I return the call,” Anderson said. “If they email me, I return the email, because there are people that did that for me. If I can provide something for them, that’s why I’m here.”

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