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Fuente talks spring ball

First year head coach Justin Fuente and Memphis start spring practices today at 4pm. Fuente met with the media yesterday to talk about how things have been going since his arrival, and his expectations for going into spring ball.

Fuente says that they have broken up the bulk of practices into three main segments. They will go the first five days, then evaluate the progress over their spring break and then regroup and adjust schemes and personnel as necessary for the next five days of practice, and then focus on finishing strong with the last five days.

Coach Fuente said that it was awkward when they first broke up for position meetings and he "just stood there with nothing to do" and had to stop himself from going into the quarterbacks meeting. He said there is going to be lot of those moments in the spring and fall where he is so conditioned to going to a certain drill at a certain time during practice because that's what he has done the past decade.

"Our objective (for spring ball) is the health of the team, the knowledge base, teaching them how to practice and prepare" Fuente said about what their focus will be. "There are no 1's and 2's at this point". Fuente stressed the importance of this because when the freshman report in the fall, he wants the upperclassmen to teach those expectations to the new guys, which is a luxury he doesn't have now.