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Garrick McGee: They've made a decision to 'go after it'

Arkansas offensive coordinator / quarterbacks coach Garrick McGee seems really pleased with the Razorbacks have four practices.

Quoting Garrick McGee: “You can see they have made a decision they want to do good this year. I do think they have made a decision to ‘go after it.’”

“When I said it seems like these kids have decided to concentrate, focus, be more aggressive... I wasn’t just talking about the offense. Our practices are more competitive. You can just tell they’ve put in a lot of work this summer. I’m talking about everyone on the team.”

(on the difference in going from quarterbacks coach to offensive coordinator): “That I take full responsibility for their performance. We believe that we coach this offense. This is our offense. This is our deal. I do delagate, but we coach it together.”

(on the immediate goals he talked about with the offense) “The first goal is ‘our standard of performance.’ This is how we are going to meet. This is how we are going to approach the practice session. This is the effort we are going to give everyday. We have to set a standard of how we are going to perform.”

“The second thing we talked to them about is what we call “FBI” … Football instincts and intelligence. We have to become students of the game and be experts of your position and the person that is playing in front of you.”

Video of Garrick McGee's meeting with the media